Alexianenplein 2
9000 Ghent

Befitting our interest in historical pedagogic practices, we are convening within the walls of one of Belgium’s most notable schools for art and architecture. The former Ghent Saint Luke school was founded in 1862, and has been operating for over ten years under the wing of LUCA School of Arts and the Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven. Today, it accommodates thousands of students every year.

Getting there

By public transport: if you are coming from the train station Gent Sint-Pieters (from Brussels and Brussels Airport), you can reach the campus with Tram 2: get out at Oude Houtlei and walk for 3 minutes. If you are coming from the train station Gent Dampoort (from Antwerp), you can reach the campus with Buses 3, 38 and 39: get out at Poel and walk for 4 minutes. For more information on Ghent trams and buses, we refer you to the website of De Lijn.

By car: The nearest car park is Parking Sint-Michiels (3 min walk), located at Sint-Michielsplein 8. For more information and availability of spaces, see the website of the city of Ghent. We remind you that the Ghent city center is a Low Emission Zone